Body and Feelings

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A session with Sonal on feelings and body. Yes, this is part of our curriculum – curriculum which comes out of our living and learning. Teencafe – an exclusive space for Tween and Teen to understand self and social needs.

In TEEN CAFE this week it was about body and emotions – Body has a powerful tool to guide us in case of emotional situations – but do we know what is happening in our body when we have emotions and where in the body is this happening?

Feelings are not good or bad, then what are they? Feelings are just information of the situation. We are constantly feeling and feeling them in our body – they get collected somewhere in the body.

Stuck with any emotion – few tools

Breathe is basic tool – – Take a breath (deep),

Touch and take a deep breathe a few times – Hold the body part and take a deep breath. Be aware where are you holding your emotions?

Hold fingers and breathe

Protect yourself by imagining a jelly wall, pause and think “is it true or not, is it mine or not mine?”

Some other ways

Some choose – Punching bag, Pillow fight, Pillow screaming,

Some choose – Overworking, Alcohol, Drugs, Sleeping pills, Hurting others

Some felt confused, for some, it was new information, some felt relieved, some were happy with the tools.

Imagine Aarohi, An Open Learning Community, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life – for their life.