Bird watching


We travelled 0.5 kilometer(s), and found 17 species :). The day was filled with watching birds, discussing about them during lunch and breakfast, listening to stories and making plans for our next trip :).

Chandu joined us at campus for bird watching. Every wednesday RABBI club (reptiles, Birds, Butterflies and Insect club) goes for morning trip – but we wanted more….Chandu joined us, who have been doing bird watching for last 7-8 years.

He shared how the trips are no more bird watching, they have become “nature” trips. One leads to another – while we watch birds we also understand trees, insects, and the whole eco system. When we found a dead boid, he shared story of Salim Ali. When he shared that Salim Ali used to sometimes kill bird to study, first reaction was “gruesome, its wrong”. When shared more and why and how we looked at it differently.

We found a dead bird and even with three books it was not so easy to identify the bird. We measured, we looked at each feature in detail, we referred to books…it was an interesting resource to learn from.

One presentation of BR HIlls birds and bird call made us very sensitive for the language birds speak. We travelled half kilometer and within that we could fond 17 species of birds.

Common Quail 1
Found a dead quail
Black Kite 2
Spotted Dove 1
Laughing Dove 3
Spotted Owlet 1
Common Kingfisher 1
Green Bee-eater 6
Black Drongo 2
Rufous-tailed Lark 1
Barn Swallow 5
Red-vented Bulbul 4
Indian Robin 4
Common Myna 5
Rosy Starling 4
Purple-rumped Sunbird 1
Purple Sunbird 1
Indian Silverbill 5

Kids want Chandu to come for week/month…..