Bird race


Bird race experience

What is bird race?

Bird race is an event that happens every January from 6am to 6pm it is a twelve hour event where anybody can join and do bird watching in Bangalore for the whole day. This event happens in many cities. The whole concept of the bird race is for people to get introduced to bird watching and to spread the concept. It is also for the people who do bird watching to gather and share the days experience and so on. Why do I go for it every year?

I go for the bird race event because it is fun watching birds the whole day and the event has its own feeling when you participate in it. I do it because i like the whole green team thing in it (green team means a team who uses only public transport for the whole day) It is really fun when we get a bus pass and then travel to different places in the day.

I would suggest whoever is reading this blog to go for at least one bird race in your life and become a green team. In bird race you normally go in teams of five but you can still go together if there are more people.

My this bird races experience was good as well as bad because I saw lot of birds and the normal stuff and also because we were fighting a lot and not listening to others in this process we saw fewer birds than normal bird races.

I have a few photos on bird race and some more i can put later.

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