Bird communication with Samira


When we had no TV/radio/internet….birds were the source of music” says Samira who shared what role birds plays in our life. “I observed one of the researcher, observing a nesting bird everyday for few months….I was 3 yrs old and this experience stayed with me, I went on to do bachelors in Zoology, masters and then phd on birds” shared Samira.

She stayed at campus for two days and left many of us mesmerized with her work with birds. Interaction with her began in the night with a listening session on listening to sounds. It was windy, still we could hear crickets and frogs in the night. We connected with birds during bird watching next day – it was less about birds, it was more about listening, seeing and awakening our senses.

She shared about her journey to BRT (Biligirirangaswamy Temple) and with Soliga tribe. Listening about ‘racket tailed drongo’ and her sound tracks of her mimicry was interesting…it was fascinating to explore the language of birds and listen to their call with a perspective of communication. Not only birds we listened to various sounds of mammals, insects and forest.

We ate together, laughed together and sang together….she left with many memories for us to embrace with a promise to come back to cook for us 🙂