Bilingual sessions

One child at Ocampus comes from village and he follows Kannada, Tamil and Telgu. We realized that due to language he has not been taking part in any group activities like thought club, stimulation, labs, open house etc. We have now started bilingual sessions, we pause and one of us translate.

The first bilingual session was “stimulation of Self Intelligence – Emotional intelligence”. He took part in all the activities…… the end of the day during reflection he was puzzled “how the work can have any feelings” I did the work and that all,. I have no feelings” Later he shared “even at home I was thinking how can work has any feelings? work is work and THAT ALL.

It is interesting to see how a small element of translating in the session has changed his participation in Aarohi. I am enjoying bilingual sessions.

I like listening to different languages and this pause for translating allows me to reconnect with what I was doing, speaking and thinking. So this is my gain apart from participation.