big or small

I have 3yr old in my session andone 14 yr old in my session – rest are in the range of 8,9,10yrs old.

So this is the story about 3yr old.

He ispart of all the events at Campus. Morning he is part of circle to share hisday plan, eveninghe is part ofreflection and thought club. Normally his responses are “Today I am doing activity. I am digging…….” basically the whole day he sums up in onefewwords or sometimes evenjust a smile but everytime we invite him, listen to him and involve him.

One of thedays he came to me after thought club and said “today, my thought did not happen”. I did not realize that we closed the session and he was not aware, he was waiting for his turn to come.

He is also part of our food team. Last week whiel making menus, he asked everyone “will you like Maggi and soup” and he made the menu in 7 minutes – he put maggi and soup for all the meals :).


big or small we all can think
big or small we all can learn by self
big or small we allare capable
all we need is your faith in us.