She likes Bhajans

There is spark in her eyes when she talks about Bhajan

She gets engrossed when she listen to Bhajans

She sings along
She likes religion
She likes to read about Religion, about Gurus and Gods

When she came to Aarohi – She was apprehensive to talk about her interest, as she thought “Religion and Bhajans” are not worth talking as a learning objective in life! As she grew in Aarohi, she realized she can learn anything including Bhanjans! She was mesmerized with the idea of FREEDOM to choose and she enjoys this freedom.

Now she listens, she sings, she wants to work on rhythm, she wants to work on improving her vocals – its part of her planning.
She wants to improves her handwriting (because she thinks that she can also not read her own handwriting) – she copies text from her favorite religion book to practice handwriting. Apart from religion she is also working on others areas like painting, understanding numbers, …but she thinks all this is WHAT SHE WANTS TO LEARN and that is LIBERATING FOR HER.