Best day in life

Our family is shifting home, so we all are involved in packing. Yesterday Dhrupad was given the responsibility to “empty the bean bag and give for wash”.

First he took 20 minutes to figure out how and where to open bean bag. Then we took 10 different types of scoops to scoop out the beans – he kept on exploring. And finally many many beans were on the floor. Sometimes he was inside the bean bag, sometimes over or under the beans. After he emptied the bag it took him 2 hrs to clean his own mess. He got tired and sister helped him at the end. At the end he announced “best day of my life”

I was wondering – I would have done the work in half an hour. But this would not have been best day of my life – just a routine work of maintenance. He could convert into super fun for him. I learnt from him:)