Beliefs of kids – Adults

Last week in open house the case continued on faculty. The case was to “force to take decision”.

  • 10 kids put the case
  • Before the first hearing 6 took the case back.
  • After first hearing, the case was on “the process of voting to take decision”.

Last week the case took u turn. The case was on the “kids who took the decision (majority won by voting)”. Faculty gave the idea and the idea was accepted by few kids not by few kids, voting was done and the idea was implemented – now who is the culprit?

The faculty who gave the idea? The kids who liked the idea? The kids who did not listen to the others?

One of the child said “I was not aware that the decision was taken”. Other child asked “when the decision was being taken, what were you doing? Were you mentally also present in the session? One child said “I opposed to the idea, but others did not listen to me” Judge child asked “What you did when you were not hear”.

We continued with the case……………its interesting to explore how we all make images and beliefs. We often make assumptions and beliefs based on our limited experiences and kids are no exception in making beliefs.

If an adult is giving an idea – it is the decision. If an adult is sharing a thought – it is instruction. If an adult is not agreeing to though, it is “not listening”. What belief and how they are being formed?

It was interesting to witness a case where kids were questioning each other’s beliefs and in the process thinking for themselves too :-). I also witnessed – clarity of thoughts, thinking, listening and analyzing, connecting and making inferences, determination and openness. If you were an observer – you would have witnessed chaos, all speaking with their thought, some listening, some expressing,a some pondering, some agreeing, some debating, some laughing and some getting angry – It was a true democratic environment, where all were accepted, all had freedom to express and be true to self.