Beliefs and kids and my role?

During KAA-Belur, Two kids decided to order same food for all and after interaction we understood that they they were working with few assumptions

  1. If we allow all kids to order as per their wants, then they will not take care and waste lot of food (assuming we will do it right and others will not).

  2. All like this food (Assuming what I like, all will like).

I decided to work differently – each table ordered for themselves and we collected data for the above assumptions. At the end of the food

  1. one table did not order extra, one ordered little extra and other a lot extra – so it is not that all kids will order extra, some order extras, some not….so all do not order extra.

  2. Some order with thinking, some without thinking…………so all don’t work without thinking.

  3. The food choice of all kids were different and very different from what was assumed…………..all do not like what I like

    I was pondering over the belief our kids form? and what role do we play? One child is my session brings lot of rules based on what she hears………video downloading means “lot” of Internet usage. One child bring fear based on what he dreams – we will miss the train, elephants will come……………. One child brings the facts “noone likes me”……………we too bring lot of beliefs (I am listing them right now -:)

    During one of the thought club, Ratnesh broke my beliefs “I expressed……….adults bring their own assumptions…….he corrected me “is it adults or anyone brings? Is it age based???

    So, back to kids beliefs……………What it does to them?

    How does it stop them from exploring?
    How doe it stop them from learning?
    How does it stop them from knowing self?

    As a faculty…………….what is my role? How do I work on my beliefs and theirs too? What does working means, is it awareness or is it correction? What does awareness means? – Is it predecided change or it is thinking? What does thinking means ? Is it correct thinking or is it open? What does open means? Is it anything or it is responsibility? Think think think!!!