Being together is learning together – Parul and Arush


PARUL mother of 11yrs old Arush sharing,

Well well well…… I won’t say please like this video but I’d rather say please do what you really like or what you really want to do as its high time we realise the impermanent nature of this world and celebrate it as well. I m posting this video cos I just did one of those things that I ve always wanted to……. So go ahead, sing, dance or do whatever u ve always wanted to but u thought u dint ve time or maybe u thought u weren’tgood enough………… time has to be made and found for things that are close to our heart and for the people who are close to our heart and perfection is nothing but a state of mind (so don’t mind my imperfections)…….. There’s nothing more joyful than singing with my lil mentor………………..beingtogether is learning together…..

notparent and child but learners……..
explorationnaturally leads to learning…..
Aarohistyle rocks
It’s something unpredictable but in the end it’s right…..I hope you have the time of your life

I’d also like to share that along with his music skills , he’s working on his knowledge of learning softwares as well and that too all by himself ( exploration)….. he’s exploring audio recording software like cubase , focusrite etc and video making apps like imovie and viva video. What is delightful to see is that in the present times when we cannot avoid screens altogether, we can surely use them for learning in a fun way instead of all those violent video games. But this love for learning has to come from within and can be enhanced with the right environment. The role of a facilitator is crucial and I ‘ve realized that we have to just be with the child as we aren’t equipped enough to teach them but are definitely equipped to explore with them. Loving every bit of it. Thank you