Beauty of Outdoor

Yesterday we went to a musical instruments shop as part of our outdoor. I was standing in a corner and observing children. One person took us through the various instruments and shared details about the same. Our children were pouncing with lot of questions. The person was giving answers very enthusiastically. Two of them sang songs for us. they also allowed children to sing.

Let me share what all I observed:

  • Three year old child was observing guitar: Was counting strings on guitar and showing same number of fingers to himself. (For different guitars his fingers were changing) He was completely in his own world.
  • Thirteen year was observing the shapes and smallest details of guitar and drawing the same in her notebook.
  • One nine year old was eager to know price of various guitars and noting down the same in his notebook.
  • One child was observing the style of singing and was trying to imitate the same.
  • One was constantly looking at the fingers of the singer who was playing guitar.
  • One was observing the tuning process and asking related questions.
  • One was enjoying interacting with them.
  • One was busy taking care of peer.
  • One was just there with the group, silently observing and being with self.
  • One was getting bored and yawning again and again and looking for a corner to seat/sleep??.

I was enjoying observing variety in the take aways that each child had. Same place, Same interaction, Same person…….each child was taking what he/she wanted from the place…………….I was thinking this is the beauty of outdoor.