Beauty of Multiple intelligence

One child was working on festivals of Karnataka. As a part of logic genie, she decided to find out the number of people who celebrate this festival in bangalore and determine the fraction with respect to the number of people celeberating the same festival in Karnataka state. Then she also wanted to find the fraction with respect to the number of people in the whole country(who celebrate the same festival). She was further plaaning to plot the graph. It was an intresting journey. She asked me population of Banglore and India. I guided her towards world map and atlas. She started counting total number of states of India and population in each state to get the total population of India. Then she realised she could not read the number when the number was more than six digits. She interacted with me, peers and books to find out the same. I could see her confusion, conviction, desperation and satisfaction at the end. I do not know what she concluded but she was on her journey of place values. An interesting case of a child working on people genie leading towards understanding a math concept. Also, it was another example of child discovering multiple, even unplanned things when child feels a need.