Basic Skills – Planning

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One child shared “I want to develop the basic skills of reading, I will be reading Suppandi Jokes”.

Often there is an anxiety that if the child is deciding, the child will skip some basic skills like reading/writing or maths.

One of the roles parents/ facilitators in open learning play is to bring AWARENESS and EXPOSURE. What better way to learn “I decide – I do and I reflect”. It’s not what we think is best, but what the child is thinking at this moment, what value does the child have for that skill including reading and writing.

Sharing a small tool to bring awareness of these basic skills in your planning of the day or week – for each slide, you can invite the family to choose from these choices

  • I am satisfied – so need to do anything

  • I don’t think this is important – so need to do anything

  • I think it is important, but I’m not working on it this month

  • I plan to work this month and this is how I will do it

The idea is not to force basic skills, rather create AWARENESS and invite the child to plan his or her life and growth “learn from LIFe for LIFE”.

Aarohi-x is all about community learning, collaborating, and interacting.X stands for Xtending the community to the child’s home.The child decides plans, and does action at home while being supported by the community, processes of Aarohi, and interaction with peers, other parents, and expertise of facilitators of Aarohi.