Basic Skills


We asked, “what Basic skills we need to survive in the situation like COVID-19, And the list came up

Cooking and Homecare

Research and finding information

Able to spend time with self

Able to develop an interest

Know how to keep self safe


Basic skills at Aarohi are part of our LIVING – We offer this to kids, they decide when and how do they need to develop. Through various planning processes we present to them and choices are “not now, later, want to do now”.

Self care – Hygiene, belongings

Basic Reading & Researching Skills

Basic Writing & Documentation Skills

Basic Computation skills

Organizing & Planning

Financial Skills

Health and Fitness

Emotional skills

Living Skills

Get things done

Interaction with People

Safety and Emergencies

Presentation Skills

Technology / Gadgets

Grow own food

Understand the word around – Culture