Basic Skills


We asked children at campus ‘basic skills’ they would like to learn? They came up with – Speed reading, reading for understanding, beautiful handwriting, multiplication, spellings, fitness (exercises).

They set their goals how much they want to learn, they set their timings (each day how much they would work), they set their levels, they decided whom they want to learn from…

Some worked sincerely, some needed help to sustain their efforts, some needed resources, some needed what else, some needed what next, some needed how else?Well, with each child it is a different journey…and it continues

We begin with the belief that the child is trustworthy. We start with trust in his capability to learn, capability to choose what he/she wants to learn, capability to achieve and lead learning. We help to elicit and clarify the purposes of learners and their efforts. Goals which have meaning to the learner, would become the motivational force behind significant learning.

  • Consciously and Constantly bring in a variety of new exposures into the learning environment. Provider of resources: Is aware of resources available or which can be brought in, connects these to children and their activities, offers them as choices, etc.
  • Constantly looking for new resources or relating existing resources to other endeavours being carried out in the community or that can further stimulate new pathways of exploration.
  • As a Resource to children / any learner: They can ask us teach what, ask to team-up to be-with..
  • We poke, push, pull, promote – THINKING. Challenges, questions, and stimulates.
  • Brings in situations, problems, challenges, constraints, materials and structures which do the above.

Our role is cannot be defined as ‘teaching’ only. It cannot be static.