Baking and Learning

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Baking on wood fire oven was an experience we would like to have again and again. It allows us to understand fire as cooking tool and baking as cooking process. Also baking at campus allows us to explore and experiment due to limited ingredients available.

Brownies – One Child was leading the team to make brownies. She collected the recipe and ingredients. As per the list we needed maida and vanilla essence which was not available. We decided to make with what is available, so chose wheat flour and no essence. We collected all ingredients and found no butter. So we made grousp for butter making, brownie preparation and oven team. All 3 teams worked together to make brownies. In the process of making each one were tasting co-co powder/sugar and egg mix and getting the feel of brownie mix tastier. Finally oven was ready to make brownies and we baked. The heat was high and one small portion of brownie was burnt. We made a smiley out of pieces of brownie and we all enjoyed brownie equally both burnt and other part also. I enjoyed the teamwork and comments throughout the process.

Cookies baking: Started with pondering about what is baking/steaming/frying/deep fry/shallow fry/boiling . Differences in cooking processes.We listed all ingredients/process of baking/ list of preparation tasks. We all together enjoyed the look, feel, smell and taste of ingredients. Few did butter making, few did oven ready for baking, few grouped to make sugar cookies and few for jaggery cookies. Few grated jaggery/powdered sugar, few measured quantities and started waiting for butter for creaming. We got very little butter and was not sufficient for cookies.. Quickly team decided to make brownies without butter and team started hunting for recipe, rework, plan and start the process of making. We were ready with half burnt cookies and superb fluffy brownies experimenting on Aarohi Shatabdi oven . We talked about how heat can be controlled in our shatabdi to get moderate heat.