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Welcome! The world of open learning is vast, exciting and full of possibilities.

Wherever you are on your journey – exploring, just starting or already practicing homeschooling, unschooling or open learning – being part of a community can be reassuring and mutually enriching.

Explore and understand open learning

Opportunities to expand your parenting and facilitation of children

Education at Aarohi is an open learning journey

Understand oneself and develop strengths, skills, and talents that one needs and wants.
Enjoy exploring this wonderful world and connect with it in a meaningful way.
Create your journey, live your own dreams, and add value to yourself every day.
Imagine education in your child’s hands and discover a SELF-DIRECTED LEARNER with Aarohi. 
What better way to learn & live: I decide – I do – Reflect

To achieve this Aarohi offers, to all ages, an Open Learning Community:
~ Open to all kinds of interests, abilities, ages, beliefs, styles, and learning.
~ Learning by doing what one wants, how one wants, and self-reflection.
~ Community to understand interdependence and co-creation of our learning and life.

Aarohi is ideal for families
~ For families who want to explore unschooling / homeschooling / self-directed learning and/or are rethinking education.
~ Or if your child is not enjoying or fitting-in, or not finding value in conventional education.
Either way, what you get is a community of families who believe in child-led, deeply meaningful education.

Aarohi provides:
~ An open environment of doing, trying, failing, collaborating, learning, teaching, and growing organically.
~ All kinds of resources for each learner to be able to pursue his/her own interests.
~ Wide exposures – especially via interaction with a multitude of people and places.
~ Sensitive and supportive facilitation and guidance as per each individual’s needs
~ A democratic setup that allows a child to learn in an environment of freedom with responsibility.
~ A safe yet stimulating community life, that is challenging though endearing and inviting.