Awareness of concern

When do I know I have a concern?
How do I deal with it?
How do I express?
What stops me from raising my voice?
We prvoked this in Thought club. We began with pondering
What is a concern?
  • Bothering my emotions and constraining my working or life
  • Not liking something
  • Some actions are bothering
  • Issue I find it tough to live with it
How do I know that I have a concern?
  • Consistently repeating and each time bothering
How do I Deal with it?
  • Sharing with someone
  • Expressing
  • Ignore
If not resolved then what you do?
  • Live with it, understanding the place and it’s working
  • Ignore
  • Adapt
  • Rebel or refuse to follow
  • Express
  • Sharing with someone
  • Visualise outcome
What do we want to change or remove so we are able to share our concerns in Aarohi ?
  • Continue with periodic feedback
  • Bring in Hurray norray sorry
  • Helpmates
  • Have system of expressing like Expression jar, Helping jar, Confession box, Personal letter box for each one of us or a letter box with post master.
  • Continue with listening circles, Expressing activity, peer listening and counseling.
Imagine Aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self discovery.