Awareness about Strengths

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The welcome action of HIFI, clapping and a jig caught their attention. JIG – ” I am the tower of Strength,from within and without” was connecting to the session topic.

Code setting– reassuring codes – “Listen to others, talk turn by turn and choice to participate”.

Planned versus Practical experience:We planned to give strength cards and allow them to discuss with peers and share about their experience of exhibiting the strength in their lifetime. The activity took shape in another direction. The Strength words -few were not able to read/understand and so it was difficult even to pronounce the words. Then we made smaller groups with one facilitator for each group. Together we figured out the word, it’s meaning and finally shared how we used this strength in our lifetime.
In one group facilitator felta little uncomfortable when children were not responding, giggling, and not participating. Once the facilitator expressed to children that the purpose of our visit is to bring awareness in children about self and its importance in life,the group was able toconnect with the facilitator and then they were able to participate.

Other group set codes –
First, each one can speak for themselves and not to comment or laugh at others.
Second, while sharing, share to the entire group and
Third, Everyonegets a chance to speak in their turn.

These codes helped children to open up and speak and westarted discussing the word, meaning, how it was used in life, and strength means not only the physical body, stamina but lot more qualities.
The third group also shared and discussed their strengths, some shared, some did not, and few were at laughing others.

Reflectionwas beautiful, many of them opened up to speak out in a group for the first time. Few did not share, few pushed themselves to speak out, few whispered slowly, and few spoke. The whole experience ofjust the words flowing and understanding and thinking how it connected in our life broughta new awareness that there are different strengths in each one of us. We ended the session with a welcome jig and said bye by clapping hands to each other.

Reflection as a facilitator:

What went well –

1. The welcome song connected with the topic was good.
2. Codes circle- a) a person shares to entire group b) not cutting others with a laugh or cross-talk c) one can choose to either participate or leave.
3. Children understood the Need for Silence at times when needed.
4. Three smaller groups for one class workedwell to deliver effectively.
5. Sharing our commitment to the smaller group helped them to understand the purpose of these sessions and improve their participation.

1. Few children expressed their disinterest when asked but ended up being part of the session.
2. Truthful, watchful, sensible, bold, helpful, talented, smart, motivational and most words were new for almost all.
3. Reflection was very participative
4. Few were participative and expressive
5. High energy during greeting and leaving

1. Greet and welcome and enter the opening circle simultaneously
2. Create safe space- add to code; not laugh or comment on others
3. Talk for yourself and not others- add to code
4. Everybody gets a chance to share – add to code
5. Activities involving doing needs to be included for the next session
6. English words translation needed- an English to Kannada or Tamil word may be carried along
7. 1 minute Silence time to be introduced after Chocolate time.

Looking forward to the next session and new learnings!