Awareness about Images

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Purpose – Awareness about Images

We made subgroups. An insect was placed in the center and we all shared our thoughts about different insects and animals. For Insects Images came out beautifully like ugly, fat, strong, tallest, Scary, Flying, colorful ….

For Self Images – we connected to self Images – How I see myself, how others see me, How i want others to see me.

Observation – The images to think for self were uncomfortable for few, few were unable to connect to self, few meant something but write something, few just copied from others. Few were discussing and writing, few did not want to do, few shared a useless as self-image but while writing they did not want to and changed to the good boy.

Few Images shared – Decent, Good, Happy, Joyful, knowledgable, Beautiful, Smiling, IPS Officer, Handsome.

What went well:
The activity in silence went well – connecting and sharing thouhgts about insects.

What did not go well:

  • For connecting self, few were uncomfortable to think about themself, hence disturbing, laughing, talking, commenting.
  • Closed room – makes it echo and were unable to listen to what children were sharing.
  • When one is sharing, others were not listening and I was getting irritated with sound and asking for Silence.
  • Children who were interested were also disturbed and were not able to do the activity
  • Preparation for the session done at the last minute and could not discuss.