Yesterday, while doing analysis about animals, Asawari came across “the weight is 60 to 70 kg”.
She needed AVERAGE weight for calculations, so she asked me “what is average”.
I thoughts for some time and shared “I know the process, I do not know how to explain the concept”.
We played around with data on average, and were happy to know that average age of our family is 27 (we are still young)!!!

Well, we went to uncle Rat to know “how do we explore the concept?”.

He gave us insight into “statistical analysis and how we can use various forms of data analysis?”. We explored – median, frequency variations, range, …………………..what to use where….what does average of 27 means to us – does this gives any insight? Of-course it does not – we have one member who is 8 ys and one member is 44- so average age of our house is just a good feel factor for 40+

Enjoying this exploration, be aware when you meet me next time and don’t be surprise if I ask “what is your average age?”

I do not know much about Asawari, I am enjoying exploring this concept – I always thought “STATISTICS” is a BIG and SCARY topic, I used to wonder what people do in that? I am excited with this new exploration and learning.