Avarkai Joy

JOY of doing in multiple ways!
The joy of doing in many different ways using multiple intelligence. First explored how different ways we can use HANDS…make shapes, create objects, feel, see the logic, observe lines, relate with nature and so on.
Activity – peeling Averkai
How to bring mathematical joy while peeling? Estimate, predict, guess the weight, observe the shape, use rhyming words, wonder biology of beans and so on.
This was the basis of planning..”joy of doing any task in multiple ways”.
Bring mathematical joy
Bring people joy
Bring word joy
Bring nature joy
Bring self-joy
Bring musical joy
Bring body joy
Bring visual joy
While learning Kannada we added two words to make new words and bring word joy in our working While doing maths we stopped at each unknown word to find the meaning to find word joy. While doing science experiments we stopped to visualize the outcome and enjoyed dreaming of bringing self-joy. While doing maths problems we made a song to add musical joy. While doing paper craft we dealt with weights and time to add mathematical joy…we rejoiced the joy od doing by bringing joy in many different ways.