Ask Teenagers


Ask a teenager about wet dreams or confusion in their life or crush….and tell them it’s all natural!

When we shared this with kids, they really felt RELIEVED that there is nothing wrong with them and it’s all natural. They were fine to share all those tiny winy thing they feel inside, have self doubt in case of confusion or lost when they have a different feelings for someone else.

Well, one of the child who is working on sexual safety, is working on knowing about girls and boys body. He discovered that it’s okay to be confused, have sexual feeling for opposite or same sex he was relieved. He felt so much with himself, he expressed it’s so much fine to accept self. He did a presentation to the group having 7 to 44yrs old people and sharing about wet dreams telling that sometimes that wet thingy in the morning is not pee but part of growing up, He also talked about what are periods to all ages and gender, he was at ease. When he did the first presentation on parts of body parts, he was a bit hesitant to talk about girls body parts like breasts and vagina. Now he shared about monthly periods.


In our society – there’re loads of jokes around our body. Unfortunately our kids discovered those things first than actually knowing and loving their body. Eg kids say that ‘center point’ is bad language. Sadly they don’t know that it’s okay to call it penis and love as much as we love our face. They grow with ‘dirty’ feelings for their own body and end up feeling bad for many things.

… Something we need to think about and break loads of myths.