Art of Poetry


We sing poems to pre-schoolers, wonder why we do that? More wonder why we do not sing as kids grow up? Why we poetry is left to some English Text book chapters ?

Last week explored poetry, we began with a question

What is poetry?”
Some said “rhythmic expression of words, an art, expression of feelings, just few lines, about any topic,

Next was “Why we need poetry?
Some said “to feel good, to be with it when you are alone, to enjoy rhythm”.

We read many poems and tried finding what is the poet trying to say? We read poems to find that one can write on any topic!

We started with making one poem on self, frame work of words helped in making poem and we were pleasantly surprised with self..we can also write POEM!!!

I am as…

Quick as..

Slow as..

Small as..

Large as…

Happy as..

Sad as..


Mean as..

Cold as..

Hot as..

Weak as..

Strong as..

Loud as..

Quiet as..

Tough as..

Gentle as..

Brave as..

Shy as..

Tame as..

Wild as..

Lazy as..

Busy as..

Based on book “Quick as a Cricket” by Audrey and Dan wood.

Some more poems we wrote during the day..

The wind was gazing, and my day was passing.

When the wind was hustling, the dust I swept was dusting

when the wind was howling, I felt relaxing

As the wind was doing it own goal, so was I.

As the wind blowed, I glowed!

As it goes from one side to another, my pen goes from one end to another on my page

As it makes sound, I dropped the plate.

I am so happy, don’t make me think, it’s a storm

Its so soft, I don’t feel like scratching my face

I feel happy, don’t make me cry

Its so cold, but don’t put me in juggling pot.

Hey! wind go away, joining was a wonderful day

Silence was no today

Happy snacks along the day

Football was a crazy game

now come back to me my wonderful day

discussion with jury was nice day

hey hey wind don’t go away

it was simple to write…wonder why we do not write more often?