Art of Movie Making


Thought club on movie making with Kannada movie director Madhu. Since childhood he was interested in drama, and he started started with directing dramas, writing stories and now into film directing. But the question one needs to ask “whatyou want to tell and why?”

He shared,

Movie means motion picture. It’s different, how a film maker watches a movie or how a common man will look at the picture from techniques point of view. If you wish to make films, look at movie from a different perspective.

Film has many aspects – graphics, art work, acting, animation, direction, camera, cinematography, dubbing, rerecording, choreography … All art forms comes together in film making through a story.

Play of various cameras, various angles, suggestion shots – different angles for different scenes. And often what is shown is not real … computer generated images is very common to create scenes and effects. Does it remain real for us now?
Watched a movie for 10minutes (children of heaven) to explore various angels of camera, lighting, cinematography, master shots, fanning, moving shots, shots
Still shots, wide shots, dubbing, different scenes, camera following, camera facing…just 10 minutes and so much to explore.
Movies will be different for few of us nowonwards.

Thank you Madhu for sharing your experience.