Allow your child to lose interest


We need not assess a child by any exam or grades – The child explores her strengths, her competencies and understands what she is worthy of.

Allow your child to lose interest this summer

Personally in my childhood, I have gone through all kinds of hobby classes like painting, clay, photography, music, guitar, computer,mehandi, salsa, tailoring, pottery, stained glass, bakery, embroidery, tennis, swimming, yoga …. phew, and the list goes on.

Some I liked, some I did not; some I left in between, some I did with zeal and enthusiasm, from some I learned, from some nothing. The most important aspect, however, was that there was no pressure from my parents. With loads of equanimity they let me leave one hobby and hop to another – never really perturbed about my oft shown fickleness in some hobbies. Nor they became too eager about my oft exhibited passion in others. Perhaps their mantra was: try what appeals, leave whatdoesn’t go to whatever extent in the ones you enjoy.

Losing interest perse is not a sign of lack of grit or determination or concentration or any of those qualities many parents are worried about. Losing interest is just a common human trait. Watch any adult clicking channels in front of the TV and you would know what we are talking about 🙂