Allow your child to fail


We need not make things fun for them

Inviting you to allow kids to design their own learning, decide their own challenges and let them fail.

Allow your child to fail this time

There are many reasons to let children fail:

* One is to bring down the premium on success or on winning. Given that, in life, possibly we would have 50% success and 50% failure – it makes sense that children learn how to accept it.

* The amount of learning in failure is sometimes higher than in winning. (provided we do not give a lecture about it 🙂

* Its funny – first we create expectations and then attend stress management classes. We read in the newspaper about a school in Bangalore where middle school children are undergoing stress management sessions. Let this time be a time sans expectations when children enjoy failures too. Failure, once we learn how to enjoy it, can be such a good reset button.

Let children attempt tasks, which in your opinion, are out of their reach. In our observation parents step in too soon when children endeavor tough challenges. No wonder the cry of “I can’t” is so common. Tell, mean and show kids that, “It is fun to try, even if you fail”.

Let children lose games, let them cry and throw a tantrum. Let them know that losing is part of the deal! Let the child cook and churn out a horrible-on-palette dish. The advantage of activities like cooking is that an immediate chance is available for a child to have another go!

More ideas for children to fail –