Allow your child to do nothing


One reason we are not able to appreciate the joy ofdoing nothingis because we have made ourselves and our life very busy. From Yoga gurus, to medical practitioners to spiritual thinkers – all advice a daily dose of doing nothing. It’s the nature’s way of recuperating, of restoring one’s inner harmony, of enriching oneself. Next time you are out with your child – try doing nothing – just be with each other.

Again ‘doing nothing’ reduces premium on achieving. We are not against achieving – but too much focus on that is just going to increase the stress levels. If we have learnt one thing by leaving corporate life is:to go easy, to take breaks, to enjoy the holidays and life!

Breeze blew,
the trees swayed,
doing nothing.

It rained,
rocks sat drenched,
doing nothing.

Sun shone,
clouds floated by,
doing nothing.

Thoughts came to me,
thoughts went,
doing nothing.