All HOM in one

We were talking about HOM (habits of mind). One child expressed that “I want to work on “trustworthiness”. So the next question in mind was “is only honesty means trustworthiness?” We began with a mind map and started exploring what all is trustworthiness.

  • If I am listening, people will trust me that I listen.
  • If I am open mined, people will trust me that I am flexible.
  • If I have the HOM of problem solving, people can trust in any situation that I will find a solution.
  • If I am respecting others, people wil trust me.
  • If are for others and their needs, people will trust me.
  • If I am hardworking, People will have trsut me to give any work to me.
  • If I expres to others, peopel will trust me

As we were moving ahead and kids were pouring with thoughts on “what all is trustworthy”………….one of the child exclaimed “so for any HOM, we will need all other HOM!!!!”.