Alert of Fear?

Snakes at the campus have become another learning opportunity. I grew up and lived with fear for snakes. I am not now with the snakes at the campus,

I have learnt that

They cannot gulp me, no matter what is my size 🙂

They are not waiting for and bite me

They may take shelter in store room, they may lost their way and get into house……………..all I need is understanding about them.

Have been reading, finding about the three snakes we spotted at the campus in last few weeks and realizing my own ignorance.One of the thing, snakes telling me is to be ALERT – being fearful, and being alert are different. I sometimes walks without torch, without any awareness…………….all I need is to be alert when I step out in the night, in the rain, in the grass, in the woods………………….This is what a snake does or any other wild life does. Have i lost my basic capacity to to safe and ability to protect myself?

One child asked me “aunty let us clean up all these thorny plants?”I asked “how about looking down and then walking with awareness?”I remember, in the beginning of the year we cleared many thorny plants to prepare the place ready for kids :-(. Thorny plants have grown again and now what? So do we continue to clean the plants or we learn to walk with awareness ?

Pondering…………..Some inforrmation on the snakes at the campus – “>click here