AKSD – Make Connections


One day, while on a trek on a mountain, it struck us – we get so much from nature yet we hardly give back anything to it. We realized that it is just the way of nature: while it works hard to give, and give more, it leaves it to us to respond in the way we value it, connect with it. And that is how our AKSD (Apni Khushi se Doh) approach was born. We decided that in all activities of Aarohi we would strive to give and give more. And in return, we would let the recipients give, as per how each one values what Aarohi brings to them, brings out in them, and how much they care for this resource called Aarohi to be there for themselves and everyone to relish and cherish. AKSD is not just a policy, it is another way in which we connect with each other!

Education is about questioning

Then why not question the way we experience money?

How can we create a different experience?

Like learning exposure why not exposure to economic learning?

Can this exposure be part of living?

Most of us, especially children, have a unidimensional exposure to money in their life: You give money, you get goods or services. How will it be if we could expose them to a life where the money we give is not connected to what we get. AKSD (Apni khushi se doh) or or open contribution invites you to experience financial living in a totally different way. Here what you get is not related to what you give. Rather you give not for what you get, but to help sustain a community that you want to sustain. Hence, it becomes interesting that children are also included in this money philosophy as well in the contributions you make. This way they can imagine a world beyond transactions, but which is driven by financial compassion.

AKSD (Apni Khushi se Doh) is based on the belief that your being part of Aarohi is not a service or transaction. It is a relationship. And we are quite sure you do not want to pay for a relationship. Rather since we all value relationships, we do what it takes to develop and sustain that relationship. So one part of the relationship is the value you receive – here from the Aarohi Community. Another part is what you give to the community. And yet another is the financial contribution you make to sustain the community itself. All of these are not bound by any equation, rather energized by our joy of giving, getting, and contributing.

All our programs work on acontribution basis –

AKSD – Apni Khushi Se Doh (translation – Give as per yourwish)

. This means several things:

  1. Most importantly, financesshould NOT be a constraintfor people to attend the program.
  2. People contribute as per the value they derive from the program

What yougain from the course isour gift to you.

What you give us (contribution in terms of money) isyour gift to us.

We will gladly accept it – no questions asked. You can pay in advance, or during, or immediately after the sessions or much later or even in installments. You may even wake up one morning after 5 years and realize how much our programs and workshops helped you and send us a big fat cheque :-). Or you may simply forget us. Either way, we will remember you, always, for giving us an opportunity to interact, learn and grow with you!