AKD – Estimation


AKD special – Estimation.
We use Estimation on daily basis – how much to cook? How much to buy? How to plan our day? How much profit? Why my idea will sell? Where to invest? – we estimate based on our experience or data available or analysis.
Estimation is a skill we introduced in Jatre for AKD.

So it began with “how much to stock”?
If I am eating six biscuits in a day, how many packets of biscuits do I need to keep in stock?
How do you estimate? – By looking at it? By doing some calculations? Guess how many in one packet?

The objective was to buy our own snacks within the budget of Rs13/-. But we had to estimate the cost of each time based on our experience or reference of similar items or approximately calculating, or just by some guess.

There was chaos, confusion, anxiety and even frustration. Some were frustrated with the need to do exact calculations while some were introduced to the word estimation for the first time. Some tried, some gave up. Some just somehow wanted to buy snacks, while some were not ready to leave estimation.

Looking forward to exploring to how to bring Estimation with Calculations in daily life!