Age appropriate?

At the age of 4 Dhrupad did not start writing
At the age of 5 he did not write
At the age of 6 he still did not
At the age of 7 he sill did not
At the age of 71/2 he reads and writes both.

Asawari did not swim at the age of 6, 7, 8,9,10,11,12 and at the age of 13 she was a beautiful swimmer.

Many times I wonder this age appropriate learning has gone deep inside our system.

Kids who came to Aarohi after the age of 5yrs they wrote at different ages – some were ferocious reader at the age of 5, some are still developing the skill. Many children who leave Khoj and go to conventional system at the age of 4 they start writing within 2 months.

What does this tells us?

One child I was working……….on shelter at O-campus.

I asked her to write the material requirement as I was taking dimensions…..first she did not do anything she tried avoiding………. I said “let us write together” I wrote she copied and happily continued wring more on her own.

I was working with one child on buying and calculating money for baskets. It came out to be Rs 290/- I asked her of she was clear about it? has she worked on bigger numbers like 100’s and adding money etc? She immediately said no, and said I will work on this. Evening she worked with another child and told me “I was not clear, had some confusion now I am clear”.

Both the kids did not know something – but both were exhibiting a different behaviour or rather self belief?

The theory of Multiple Intelligence makes learning holistic. The focus shifts from maths to mathematical intelligence, from worrisome to enjoyment, from teaching to exploration and from future to NOW !