Again Nehru Planetarium

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Again NehruPlanetarium?
What? Again Nehru Planetarium? ….This was the expression on all faces when we announced the address of our Outdoor on 17th. What everybody missed was the word ‘opposite’. Our outdoor was going to the Outdoor Military Museum inside the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain compound.
The sight of a gigantic Indian flag welcomed us. The wind was blowing over the flag and that made the movement of the flag look like a slow motion.
Here we saw army tank, a collapsible bridge, a rocket, a fighter aircraft, a train and a model of ship.
We also saw lots of huge trees, green grass, and red color bead-like seeds. We also saw open wide spaces, lots of opportunities to run and play catch catch games with our friends.
After exploring these military exhibits in our preferred learning style, we had lunch sitting in the shade of trees followed by a trip to the restroom.
Next we visited the Energy Park where we read information about renewable energy, how renewable energy is used to power differentappliances in a typical home. We also read about the future of renewable energy and research going on in this area.
This time, we did reflection of our outdoor school, sitting in the outdoor- sitting in a circle under a circular umbrella inside the Energy Park.
What followed next was 20 min of pure joy- running, jumping, swinging, giggling, laughing and huffing and puffing. Children ended the outdoor playing in the play area, on the different play equipments in the park.
The children could have gone on and on with their boundless energies…this is surely asking for longer and longer outdoors in the future.