Adults to go to school

We adults – Parents and teachers should go to school to learn that kids can learn by themselves – all we need to learn is two things

  1. Firstly, a democratic environment where kids have freedom to learn what they want to learn and how and from whom do they want to learn

  2. Secondly, responsibility for what they learn, how they learn and from whom do they learn.

One fine morning at Aarohi O-campus one of the notice caught my attention “we are planning to stop using soap, shampoo and toothpaste. We will be making them with natural material. If you are excited, join us” – I signed for this and next day I was given solution with salt, lemon and turmeric to paste – I continue to brush with that solution”.

Our notice board is full with announcement by children, adults – announcing what are they doing, how are they doing, asking for feedback, suggestions and informing – few of them by children

  • We plan to grow different flowers plants in different places at campus, if anyone wants to know more about it, connect with us.
  • We are making monkey bar in Galactica area – we are using ballis, ropes. Do not go near that area – WIP
  • Dr Balaji is ready to come to campus and sterilize Pepsi and Fanta (our cats) – cost is Rs 3000/- (female act) and Rs 1500/- (male cat) – what are your thoughts? should we sterilize.
  • I am making one swing in play area – If you want to join me or suggest any new material, tell me.
  • My goal – Gender awareness. Why I want – make myself aware. What All I know – The name of body parts and meaning of it. What all I want to learn – my body needs, my feelings about myself. My role in my learning – To learn different things, explore different things. Faculty role – Listen to me, give resources. Parents role – give ideas.
  • One announcement during dinner at 8pm – “Urgent peterria meeting at 8:30pm – the meeting was attended by all ages who all are part of the pets project. The meeting was about “Yesterday night cats and dogs were restless, and aunty could not sleep, how are going to take care?”.
  • Another announcement “anyone planning for any project, also plan for fudning – we have zero funds”.
  • How to use fire blanket – training today at 3pm.