Adult or Faculty?

Aarohi is a learning space Any resource which does not allow – mistakes, thinking, questioning, understanding, exploration, experience and experimentation is not worth at the learning campus.

I am apprehensive about adults interfering with learning process – an adult uses immediate verbal instructions/ reaction and that seems to be the most appropriate reaction while a faculty also uses verbal but added up with observation, thinking, reflection, other resources like books, videos, doing, experiencing the same in many different ways. Externally you may not find a faculty also using the verbal instructions………………………….and judging us or reacting “doing the same, then what’s the big deal?”.

Kids do not get disturbed by interfering, it is the learning process which gets disturbed. A child who is instructed to not to not to do any thing, may have a facilitation agenda behind that – may be faculty wants them to make mistakes…………………..any faculty also who becomes an adult inside the session is danger for the learning process – many times we do become danger due to our own conditioning, but the various processes at the Aarohi allows us to reflect, think, question, feedback, discussions, reading, …………………….allows us to move ahead in our leaning journey.

In an adults’ world there is very less scope of all this, because adults thinks they have learned all and all they have to do is to transfer that and they have the right to behave in any which way and no need of any learning. A feedback is received with reaction by an adult while faculty is receiving consistent feedback from kids, adults to use it as a learning tool. For faculty questioning beliefs is learning tool while for adults questioning is insulting………………I can go on …………..

Few years back I was adult for my own children……………My transformation to faculty (work in progress) teaches me everyday something.


I would get angry with them (I have the right to do so, I am busy and caring parent) – I have learnt as a faculty “If I have am upset, I need to find my way out for my frustration. I have to work in me not on kids.
I would teach them thinking I know all – I have learnt as a faculty “kids are equally capable, they can learn by themselves, we need to allow them and keep our big teaching mind shut.
I used to expect results in one time – I have learnt when there is difference in my goals and kid’s goals, my understand and their’s understanding, I end up with disappointment. So, it is not about them, it is about me.

I have learnt that are from me, but they are not for me.