Adjective in daily life


We use adjective in our communication without knowing that this is called adjective…..before we teach them about adjective, let’s experience adjectives. Few activities we did at Aarohi this week
Choose an adjective about the food today from the chits – keep chits in serving bowls with food.
GIve an adjective to the next person and person enact in the day when that was exhibited
Choose strengths used in the day – give ranking and keep top most with you and rest you trash
Write strengths exhibited in other people in reverse order

We did all this at the campus this week. While we were acting, we felt all adjective were fun. If someone was given the adjective of angry or happy, when they acted how they exhibited it in the day, both the adjective became equally funny and joyful.

Enjoy adjective in your daily life and act them together