Activity Club – Research on Elephants


Research on elephants: At the campus, we have elephant movements during the months of November till March/April. We do follow elephant safety codes at the campus. We all have our own beliefs and fears about Elephants. This was an opportunity for us to know about the elephant’s life.

Together we read, shared, discussed the facts on elephants.

Few facts in our discussion:

  • The thickness of the skin varies from one part of the body to others.
  • Eg: 1-2 mm inside of ears, 2.5cm in the back and some places of the Head, Heart,
  • 12-21 kgs are the weight of Left tusk.
  • Trunk: is used for holding heavy and Strong things and also used for holding Delicate things like grass. Trunk is Long to pull leaves off the palm tree, They Breath thru trunks, smell, sucks water, grab things
  • Head is the largest part and its brain weighs 5kgs.
  • Ears can hear infrared sounds, and so they can hear sounds that humans cannot hear.
  • They throw mud on themselves to keep cool.
  • Differences between Asian and African elephants and so on ……..