Activity Club – Exploring


Activity Club brings in many different ways to explore – math through games, research,reading, doing
Exploring play with numbers by solving Suduko –

Children shared Suduko is not play with numbers – It needs Prediction, Guess, Random, Pattern, Trial, and Error.

We played memory games using pictures of our national leaders.
What strategies we use for memorizing – Sometimes Random, guess, the pattern of starting letters to remember, a name with row and column arranged. So each one had unique way to remember.
Sometimes we could remember, sometimes we missed it. When one is taking a turn to point correct card, others were excited to share, prompting yes!/No, confusing…
We also played the Tower of Hanoi. How to arrange bigger to smaller disc with few constraints.
As a team, we discussed each others idea, strategy, to arrange, pattern to form, the reasoning for each other’s ideas
Reading day – We had charts to explore different topics. Each one chose different charts and we prepared a quiz to question each other to discover new topics.