Activity Club – Experiencing Nature


Season Watch – A friend shared about the usefulness of this website and So an opportunity to explore.
First Session Reading – We opened the website to understand what this website is all about. We read together and found it interesting. Together we chose a tree to explore, observe and record and write our observation every week.

Second Session Doing – We did an understanding of the parameters of what to observe in the tree to record our observations. We also figured out to find the measurement of height and width of the tree.

Third Session Read, Record, Do, Observe and analyze: We observed more aspects of the tree. We observed the tree, read about the tree, recorded our observation in the season watch website. We also labeled the tree. One child took responsibility to find a resource for naming and hanging the name board, two of them took responsibility for labeling, one took responsibility to enter the details in the computer. Together we did an observation on how the leaves, fruits look fresh or ripe, flowers look bloomed or bud, whether we could see on tree birds, butterflies on flowers, caterpillars eating leaves or not and so …..
In the process, we also questioned about terms which we read –
What is the Difference between ripe leaf versus fresh leaf?
What is a reproductive organ in plants?
What is a leather smell? where do we get leather? What leather products do we use?
What is a bisexual flower?
What is pollination? Pollens?

How are plants dependent on birds/bees? Are they dependent?