ACTIVE WE – Experiencing Harvesting


Little Millet harvest.

Little Millet , Little Millet,

Hold Me to cut

Held me with love

Collect in bunches

Dry me, Crush me to remove my husk

Fry or boil to cook and serve .

Cutting Knife – Kodali in Kannada

I am Sharp and active,

Held me with care, else I shall cut you,

OH I got my prey,

Little Millet crops says I am ready to challenge Knife,

Oh I am cut, making you blunt.

My life to grow stops, but still continues new journey says Little Millet.

Little Joy,

Oh I held knife for first time,

Oh i can cut and harvest,

Oh I can also try my way,

Oh I can also do it fast,

Oh I can also compete in cutting,

Oh I know to cu,t Oh I know to cut.

Oh its is my first experience ,

Little joy , Little joy