Acting Kindly


It was not only a trip to the nearby village, but an experience to understand self through the experiences. The trip was to experience “acting kindly”, by planning a visit to a nearby village and do any act of kindness like join them in cleaning or cooking, play with kids or just simply talk. We added a twist by announcing “no mentor coming”. The announcement brought anxiety ” but.. then…how…traffic…route.. strange…only kids… Big group .. What if…

With their anxieties and excitement together, they started for the village. After a few hours, they came back with loads of stories of helping, cleaning, Washing utensils, sharing food, cleaning up the places, climbing water towers, playing and that’s all1

Most felt concerned with the thought of “going without mentor”, the feelings, in the beginning, were Nervous, curious, excited, scared, so scared, fear of traffic, fear of dog chasing, scared of getting lost,

During the trip feelings were – Happy to play and communicate, playful, fun, involved, interesting

And at the end feelings – Interesting, fun to sing, disappointed, Tired, Relieved, Satisfied, Safe.
Imagine aarohi which guarantees one definitive outcome – that learning will be self-discovery.