What is Acceptance??? This word means a lot to me. I started understanding this word three years back when I did TTT. One session on acceptance and I started observing each of my interactions with my daughter. The acceptance which I started exhibiting that time was so superficial……but it was a first step for me.

The word acceptance gave me huge peace within. Is acceptance is accepting all what a child is saying? Or doing? Acceptance is far more than that.

After joining Aarohi as a facilitator I started getting more inputs to understand the word acceptance. Being with other faculties at campus is a big learning opportunity for me. I keep learning by observing them. The amount of acceptance I have observed is something remarkable for me. Acceptance for the child gives a lot of peace and freedom to work with the child. You are not fearful for your relation because inside, you know what that child means to you. It also gives opprtunity to understand your own beliefs. I am enjoying exploring “Acceptance”….Long way to go.