Abusive Language


Some Children, specially in emotional state of mind, tend to sometimes use – what is considered by some as abusive language – words like Fuck, Asshole, this Sucks, Holyshit, what the heck, etc. The other children pick this as something fashionable – hence curse words like above are becoming more common. Well, its confusing. May be lack of appropriate language leads to using one word for all expressions 🙂 or the over exposure leads to using language without understanding.

​Example – ​What the heck

  • When eat food and I see soup I say ‘what the heck’

  • When I see chicken Biryani in dinner, one says ‘what the heck’

  • When one falls. expresses ‘what the heck’.

  • When there is confusion in sports, one says ‘what the heck’.

Whatever is the case, time to look into language exposure – ​from songs, movies, books, peers, family​, etc​. Also time to bring in different medium for replacement language. Also time to practice some compassion language. Also time to explore some rich language. Also time to enjoy, language and expressions.

We pondered in thought club, four groups were made and each group came up with various options…here is summary

Words used – Idiot/fuck/This sucks – We wondered on replacement expressions

  • This was bad experience

  • It’s hard for me

  • This does not work for me

  • Throw off

  • Stop troubling

  • Ask or help

  • Take break

  • It rocks

  • Stop troubling me

  • Patience

  • This does not work for me

  • Use feelings….. frustrated, suffocated, I am not heard, impatience, angry, bored, uncomfortable, overwhelmed

Words – Shut up/ Get lost/ Fuck off – How one can talk about self needs? Talk about your need…. I need my space/time/air/ counseling/support/ help/ acceptance/ friends

  • Leave me alone

  • Please go away

  • Please stop doing that

  • I am not fine with it

  • Donot disturb

  • Please move

  • I am not like

  • Stop talking

  • Stop complaining

  • I am annoyed

  • I need space

  • Let’s talk later

  • Donot interfere

  • I am done

  • I had enough it

  • Please stop we are done

  • Enough is enough

  • End of story

  • Please stand 10 feet away

  • Keep quite

  • Please clarify

  • Clarify what you are saying

  • I want to understand

  • I needed pieces

  • Don’t debate

  • I will talk later

  • I need space

Words – Idiot, Loser, joker, dumbo. Piggy, showoff, dumbo, piggy, Niger, Buffon, fucker. Some expectations are not met……..I expect to you to fast/ share/ quick/ thoughtful/ do it better/ listen/

  • I am jealous of you

  • I just can’t understand

  • I want peace for myself

  • I am under pressure

  • You are not thinking enough

  • You are being I sensitive

  • Stay away for now

  • I don’t like

  • I am not in mood

  • I am jealous of you

Usage of abusive language – an opportunity to go deeper into different aspects of language It is not about if I am using abusive langue or not, it is more about to ponder

  1. What is abusive language?

  2. How did it come (may a be reading into history or words can enrich us with this) ?

  3. Read about different words – how do they becomes abusive, while others did not?

  4. May be time relate different abusive words and see if there is any pattern?

  5. May be understand how language is made or abused?

  6. What role family can play – make language or abuse?

  7. How family can work on language development?

  8. What are the different kinds of language – abusive, compassionate, official, slang, cool, media, religious, friendly, social….the list is endless.

ImagineAarohi, a life education, where learning happens because children want to learn from their life – for their life.