About Me


This session was to explore self. We greeted with thumb on nose and waving other fingers. Kids were excited and happy to greet this way… Played a game to perform different actions for different fruits… Kids were excited and involved in the game…. Then we watched Barfi song 8 times each time focussing on 8 different things…. Kids were very eager and curious to see it differently… few were laughing, few were acting, few were moving their head to the rhythm. Shared a story and kids tried to identify the strength of the kids in the story….. Kids listened to the story patiently and they also tried to predict the action of the kids in the story….Kids shared many different possibilities… Then after the story was completed, they also tried to identify the different strengths of the kids.. It was amazing to look at the different ways kids were thinking. Then Kids were asked to imagine themselves as a tree and to draw a tree with their name on it… Then kids were asked to think of all that they could do and then to think of the different strengths and qualities they possess. They were asked to depict that on a paper as branches. Then to use flowers to depict their interests and fruits are what they can create or their achievements.. Birds and animals are people who come to them to meet them and to be with them. Kids were very happy to receive the paper and draw. Few kids were not sure of what to do, few were eager to write what all they could do, few needed help with identifying their strengths…. Kids rated the days activity from 0-10 based on the level of difficulty of the activity….