About Aarohi Community

Since Aarohi is a community, everybody who is part of Aarohi is part of running, managing and caring for the community.
There is a small operating team, many parents and children are part of various community-care (volunteering) teams, and also as per needs, we have ad hoc teams sprouting up all the time. Besides this, different people take responsibility or participate in different aspects of the working of the community.

Since Aarohi is a community, it evolves as per the needs of the community members. The timeline below shows how the whole journey has been till now, and we are sure it will continue to evolve in the years to come.

Its important to note that children do not join Aarohi, rather families join Aarohi community. Families can join the community at any time of the year.
The mantra is CO-CREATION. Once part of the community, families interact, connect, collaborate and become part of various activities co-created by the members of the community.

All action in Aarohi is mostly Community driven but some of us 👇🏼think that we are THE TEAM. In general you will find everybody facilitating everybody. Hence, the team is a bunch of goto people for anything. We’re also like the legs of a duck, constantly peddling to keep the community floating smoothly.