Abilities & Likes


We started the session with super brain Yoga…..Kids practiced with involvement. Then kids relaxed few moments in silence… Kids were asked, “where is air?” Few said everywhere, few said outside, few said up….. Then we experimented the presence of air by waving our hands. Everyone were able to feel the air.. Then kids were asked to write their names in air, first with right hand, then with left and then with both hands…Kids were involved and enjoyed doing it. Then kids were given a sheet of paper and were asked to draw the outline of their palm and write what all they liked to do, what all they are good at… Kids were very much involved….Then we passed the ball in a circle with music. When the music stops, kid with the ball shares anyone thing they like to do….Was interesting… played until everyone got a chance…Then reflected on what I liked/ didn’t like about today’s session with traffic signals… They shared different signs for things they liked/ didn’t like/ they found interesting…