Aarohicracy – Role of leader @ Aarohi

Leaders role is to take responsibility of their task. A leader role is to set goals for the responsibility and have confidence in what they are doing. A leader can demand, rely, communicate, listen and take inputs from others. A leader should be open for feedback and open to change the decision. Leader can be resourceful. Leader can delegate work and take help from others. A leader should not take advantage of power or be controlling and judgemental.

As a leader I should ask others for suggestions and take opinion. should not think about myself only, I should think about others also. I should ensure the codes are made and followed. Give instructions. Guide people and tell them what to do and if they don’t understand a leader need to be patient. Make announcements.

As a leader i should work in a team and then decide. Everybody should agree to the process of decision. As a leader you find out how others are working. I should ensure that everything is neat and in order. A leaders role is to lead..Leader takes care of others emotions. Leaders role is to ensure all are getting education and working he or she should also do the same.

  • If a leader is not open for feedback, feedback and inputs will still be given to the leader.
  • Its okay if the leader does not have confidence or determination in the task. Other people can help by accepting the person. Acceptance will help in building confidence. The work can be rejected, but not the
  • If the leader is not resourceful while doing the task, guidance and help can be given. Help can be given by asking questions, giving feedback and resources.
  • If the leader is taking advantage of the power given then we can make them aware by expressing, we can also clarify and we can understand. May be we are feeling that they are using power, but actually they are not. If it goes too much out of hand, we can take back the power.
  • If the leaders are not setting goal – We will set the goal for them and give them deadlines. We accept them and take their input and point of view. we do not put them down.

Following skills will help a leader

  • Confidence
  • Open
  • Flexible
  • Listen
  • Resourceful
  • Set goal
  • Determined
  • Think in detail and Planning