Aarohi X – Dream – Magic of Community

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What better way to learn: I decide ~I do ~ and I reflect

We began with our DREAMS – dream of what I want to do.
Each one decided what they wanted to do at home – some made elaborate plans, some thought daily, some just decided to “go with the flow”.
Some of the things from the curriculum created by self for self:

Science experiments, dance and music practice, language learning from each other, sharing of art and creations, making models of trucks and our dream world, learning maths and computer programming, singing, and sharing, connecting with people, making of the portfolio, professional football training, film making, marketing for dog training, fixing drone, practicing musical instruments, making a podcast, trading on the stock market, Crochet …Drawing painting coloring, Watching TV, Playing with sisters, Learning how to do the cooking, Researching about Carnatic music, Learning how to read Kannada fastly and knowing their meanings, creating music, reading, researching and doing a few ballet exercises, 3-4 hours of Odissi/Bharatanatyam dance practice, 3-4 hours every day on music, ocarina (a wind instrument), sketching, and gardening to relax mind, programing on drawing & animation in java-script, Spanish through online classes, integrated learning (integrated learning is when I observe a plant, insect or something like that and sketch it then I research about it and make notes), high intensity cardio workouts every morning, an understanding theory of dance which includes history and reformers, etc, planning to learn Korean, zentangling and many more things

Every act of doing, failing, creating, and sharing was part of the curriculum. All created by the learner for their life.

This video is completely inspired by all the creations shared by the community in different forms – Just a few things captured from hundreds of actions happening at each home.